Quality Design

  • Hot dip galvanized for the maximum prevention against corrosion
  • Security spring latches on both doors
  • Open mesh for easy all round viewing
  • Regular quality check on all our products

A happy client and pet

All round viewing keeps pet calm

Easily cleaned and maintained

Easily cleaned and maintained

Handy & secure bucket holder

Handy and secure bucket holder

All round viewing  keeps pet calm

A happy client and pet

Bitch Box Hire, Darwin NT

Bitch Box is a pet enclosure product designed and manufactured by Wayne Morris of Berry Springs NT. The original idea was to provide a safe containment area in which a bitch in heat could be separated from other dogs to prevent unwanted breeding.


The bitch heat cycle - some facts

A bitch may come into season (Heat or Oestrus) once to several times a year, depending on a particular breed and individual dog. Her first seasonal period, when she is capable of being fertilised by a male dog, may occur as early as six months of age in some breeds. The first sign of the female being in season is a thin red discharge, which may increase for about a week, changing to a thin yellowish stain, which lasts about another week. There is also a swelling of the vulva, the exterior portion of the female's reproductive tract. The soft, flabby vulva indicates her readiness to mate. Around this second week, ovulation occurs, a crucial period for her to be bred and this is the middle phase of the heat cycle. There are variations from bitch to bitch to how often they come into season. Also to how long the heat cycle and the period of ovulation lasts and the time elapsing between. The third week of the heat, the vulva swelling decreases and the oestrus period ceases for several months.

Bitch Box Hire always recommends that your local vet always be the first point of contact in regards to the health and well being of your pet.

This information is only a guide to help you through your bitch's heat cycle. Vigilant management of your bitch and Bitch Box will give you the ultimate end result. If you require further detailed information always contact your vet.
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